Career Advice For Aquarians

It is a universal truth that those born under the sign of the water bearer will not be satisfied with a boring or repetitive career. Plaudits and recognition are essential to an Aquarius, while being bored or inert will be extremely detrimental.

Any Aquarian interested in making the most of his or her unique characteristics needs to seek a job or career path that allows use of their skills as planners and idealists. It is also always good for such individuals to have the freedom to be involved with technology and innovation. It is highly unlikely for an Aquarius to find happiness working in a monotonous environment with little diversity in tasks.

It is important for the work of an Aquarian to be intellectually stimulating and challenging. These workers enjoy state-of-the-art technology and are not afraid to learn all about it. An Aquarian will often be thinking several steps ahead of those around him or her, and therefore will value independence and the ability to think freely. It is not uncommon for such individuals to become so engrossed in the work they are doing that they fail to notice their surroundings.

Mediation is a good fit for Aquarians, as it takes advantage of their ability to read others and understand their perspectives. They enjoy the quest for fairness on behalf of others and are committed to pursuing justice no matter how much work it takes. A typical Aquarius will take whatever time is necessary to reach the crux of a problem, always coaxing others to do what is right in order to reach solutions.

Weather forecaster is another potential career option for Aquarians. This job path allows an Aquarius to maximize the ability to use technology, satellite data, statistics and science to assist others in their daily lives. Accuracy is not terribly critical, because these individuals place a premium on assessing information that changes daily and playing an important role in how others plan their activities and outings.

The characteristics unique to Aquarians (according to astrologer Lucien Holm), also lend themselves nicely to political advocacy. Those born under this sign are happiest when they have a cause to champion. Fighting for political beliefs or social change is a great way for Aquarians to stay involved in the community and engage in letter writing, speech making, lobbying and the like. Because political activism does not typically bring in a great deal of income, it may be necessary for those in this line of work to make ends meet by taking jobs in restaurants, offices or other similar venues.

It should be noted that Aquarians can find lasting job satisfaction in a number of other vocations which should also be explored. Some positions that utilize the water bearer’s distinctive traits include that of engineer, scientist, artist, astrologist and social worker. By carefully considering the features of Aquarians that make them the fascinating, dedicated individuals they are, job satisfaction and a long-term career really can be within reach.