The Chinese Zodiac Animal The Pig – An Overview

When compared to other animals in the Chinese zodiac, the Pig is the one animal that seems almost saint-like with the qualities it has. Individuals who are born in the Year of the Pig are said to be the most selfless, gentlest and kindest people in the entire Chinese zodiac.

Because these individuals generally have such an altruistic nature, they can feel very uncomfortable asking someone to help them. It is common for them to suffer in silence because they prefer not to ask others to aid them. The Pig is the happiest when he or she is providing aid to others.


As previously discussed, the Pig is the gentlest animal in the Chinese zodiac, so it only makes sense that it is the peacemaker of the zodiac as well. However, do not confuse this personality trait with weakness.

They have a lot of physical strength, and they are known to have great stamina and courage. This means that once the Pig begins any project, relationship or any other task, they will not give up no matter how long it takes them. They will see every situation to the end, no matter what the conclusion will be.

The Pig is at his or her best when they are surrounded by family and friends. They enjoy attending and hosting social events, and because they are trustworthy and loyal, they make wonderful friends.

However, the Pig also loves gluttony in different areas of life. Their appetite for self-indulgent behaviour can lead them to live very fast lifestyles. Unfortunately, they can slip into a depraved world and lose touch with reality.

Metaphysical Associations

The following is a list of the metaphysical associations with the Pig:

Fixed element water
Color purple
Birthstone moonstone
Zodiac twin (western) Scorpio
Numerology 5
Direction North


The Chinese Pig is highly sensual and sexual, and they are supportive and affectionate towards their partner. They do not try to hide their emotions, and they love their partners completely when they are in love. It is so difficult for them to hide their true emotions that they do not even try.

However, the Pig can wound their partner as deeply as they love them. They can also keep wounded feelings in their heart for many years. Their animal signs most compatible with the Pig are the Chinese Rabbit and the Chinese Sheep.

Independent and inquisitive, the Chinese Pig is humorous and laid back. When they do experience a setback, they can rebound quickly. For further reading, you can find further info here.